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12 Jul

This year the Islamic Summer School could not uphold its decade long tradition of summer school program for the Madison Muslim Community.  The School has received many inquiries and so significant interest about this summer.  I would like to humbly explain the reasons why we could not hold the program this Summer.  These reasons are:   1-  Our community has been so generous with several worthy causes, and as a result, the Islamic Summer School has become a lower priority for donation and charity in the eyes of many.  The School used to get support from the Masjid AsSunnah and the Islamic... 

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1 Apr

The goal of the Full Time Islamic Summer School 2013 project is to offer school age children the opportunity to use part of the summer vacation in personal development and beneficial activities.  These activities aim at a promoting a strong sense of Islamic identity, teaching proper behavior, enrichment of religious knowledge, exposure to Islamic heritage, and development of interpersonal communication among students.  These goals shall help counter activities deemed by most parents as non-beneficial, if not harmful, such as spending countless hours watching TV, playing video-games... 

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